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     Welcome to Glamour by J's salon & spa. We are  dedicated to offering our clients the most innovative, hygienic products and services. Our inimitable Brazilian Styled techniques along with our splendid Brazilian professionals contribute to our 100 % client satisfaction . We are devoted to presenting our products and services with honesty, consistency and with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the highest levels of the Brazilian styled services such as Brazilian bikini wax, manicures , pedicures along with a clean, unforgettable and swift experience.  

"Fast and efficient hair removal with minimal “ouch” factor

Forget hot and cold. There are only good results when it comes to waxing. At Glamour by J’s treatments are done to perfection.

Precision. “Gentle” and “swift” are key to the speedy professionalism that brings the spa’s clients back again and again. The spa recommends that your hair is at least a quarter of an inch for ideal results.

Strip. We’re not talking about your clothes, but rather Glamour by J’s variety of cloth pieces that remove the wax — although the privacy of the spa’s waxing stations and the friendliness of its staff make this an easy environment for the every client.

Depilate. Glamour’s wax is made from Brazilian natural pine and is applied after your skin area is powdered, to prevent the wax from sticking. Pressing a cloth strip over the still-warm wax, your technician will remove the strip in the opposite direction to your hair growth.

Expertise. The spa’s 20-year-veteran estheticians can quickly identify hair pattern and know exactly how much wax to spread on your skin, significantly reducing pain as well as ingrown hairs and bumps.

Be original. This place lets you pick your waxing options with extras only offered here like Vajazzling. With a Brazilian wax, consider the spa’s menu of fun extras. Dye your hair or consider a “vajazzle,” the hot new trend (thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt) that adds a sparkly, crystal design to your newly smoothed bikini region.

Obrigada! Once the soothing cream has been applied, you are done. Consider investing in the spa’s Pedracure – its exclusive exfoliator rock of Brazilian quartz and clay. Then feel the satin touch of your glossy bare skin and go try on that new swimsuit!

       Indulge yourself with one of our special Spa week  packages, and experience a specialized combination of treatments that will perfectly transform your body mind and spirit.  Our staff is highly trained and your privacy is assured.                         Come see us soon ! 

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